Bulimia Treatment in Melbourne

Some of our team of Melbourne psychologists are experts in bulimia treatment and have worked with many people who find themselves trapped in this diet-binge-purge cycle. They are skilled in helping you to break free.

In today’s food and weight obsessed world, where food is easily accessible and we are bombarded with images of very thin women, it is not uncommon to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Bulimia often begins with restrictive dieting in an effort to reach the idealised thin body type. However, the human body has its own strategies for survival and it is not uncommon for periods of extreme dieting to be followed by extreme overeating. This episode of overeating is known as a binge. During binge eating you feel a loss of control of the amount and type of food you eat. Afterwards, you might feel shame, guilt, disgust and an intense fear of gaining weight. If you suffer from bulimia, these difficult emotions cause you to purge the food by vomiting, using laxatives, or extreme exercise.